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The Australian Horticultural Judges' Association Inc started in 1986 as an extension of the Royal Horticultural Society of Victoria (RHSV).  Originally known as The Victorian Horticultural Society the RHSV was established in 1848 by John Pascoe Fawkner, through advertising in the Argus Newspaper in Melbourne.

The Australian Horticultural Judges' Association Inc members consist of over 100 accredited horticultural judges. The purpose of the Association is to assist judging, exhibitors and show organisers in all aspects of horticultural competition.  We supply accredited judges to promote the shows and exhibitions of all horticultural events.

The Association is made up of five branches across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland;

* Melbourne Metro/Geelong

* Northern Victoria

* North Eastern Victoria

* Gippsland

* South Eastern Queensland/NSW

The Association's logo depicts the Golden Wattle.  A symbol of the Australian spirit of resilience, the Golden Wattle, Acacia Pycnantha, became the national floral emblem in 1988 coinciding with Australia's Bicentenary.  

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